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Time to Relax

So you want to know about me. The person that you so generously let immortalise the most precious moments of your life, the happy or sad times. My love of photography isn't just a career prospect, it's a life. The human eye is our gateway into our soul, we can convey the most difficult words to say with just one look. We capture memories of beauty, of our loved ones and the never ending life that ebbs and flows around us. And those memories shape and mould us. But they are  private to ourselves, we can't show people our memories. So I started photography because I wanted to capture those moments, the ones that fill my lungs with fresh air and my heart with pure ecstasy. To share with others. To freeze that moment however fleeting it may be. To remember the way I felt experiencing it. We live in a beautiful world, filled to the brim with divergent people. Every second there is a moment worth capturing, something special to someone.

Developing my skills as both a photographer and a filmmaker throughout my educational years, I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012 with a honours degree in Contemporary Film and Video. My photography however developed exponentially after a year long trip traveling through Australia and New Zealand, Australia's raw red landscapes and intense sunlight was a perfect setting to inspire. And New Zealand's phenomenal long white clouds contrasted with volcanic black sands was profoundly breath taking. I have always found looking through the lens of a camera to be a entirely natural and comforting thing. 

Winchester, UK, based photographer and cinematographer. Experienced in landscape, nature and portrait photography.

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